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How much money are you losing each year due to stress?
Hint: how much is a King's Ransom?

Warning !

Right Now Hidden Stress Is Crippling Your Career and Savaging Your Income!!!

Think about it - STRESS KILLS - it kills your passion, it kills your relationships, it kills your hopes and dreams, and someday, tragically (all too soon) - it will probably kill you too.  But right now - TODAY (and even when you sleep) - stress is busy at work killing your career, ruining your relationships, and driving you straight into the poorhouse. 

And there's not a thing you can do about it ... or is there?

"Let me tell you about THE STRESS FACTOR, a breakthrough strategy that turns stress into a powerful resource in as little as 24 hours!"


Dear Friend,

My name is Jeff Staniforth and I'm an expert on stress relief.  I've been fortunate enough to work with some heavy hitters and top senior management in large forward-thinking companies.  Many of my clients are exceptional - the upper 1% - they're some of the most productive people in the world.

Working directly with these gifted people I've learned something you're going to want to hear about. 

What I'm about to show you has previously been reserved for cutting-edge companies and high-income individuals who were willing to spare no expense for my training and seminars.

Frankly, I'm a little worried about their reaction when they find out that I'm leaking these high-priced tools, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

So, why am I telling you about this?  Because this information is so powerful, so important, so valuable, and I decided it wasn't fair to keep this a secret any longer - everyone should have access to it - not just the upper 1%.


Get ready, because this relates directly to you! 

Of course you already know stress attacks our health, our relationships and our wellbeing.  But I'll bet you dollars to donuts that you never dreamed exactly how much actual money you are losing each-and-every year due to your own stress.

That's right - that's what I said: Stress is killing your career and squashing any chance you might have had at a better life.

Every single year high stress sucks businesses dry to the tune of billions and billions of dollars.

That's right:  More Stress = Less Money

"Okay, Jeff, that's big business, but how much money is stress costing me, directly?"

In a word - PLENTY! 

 As in LOTS! 

       We're talking A KING'S RANSOM!

Stress is costing you Thousands and Thousands of dollars each and every year.

It's like letting air out of a balloon - except the "balloon" is YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!  Stress sabotages your career, zaps your earning-power, and will put you in the poorhouse.

Here's the deal:  Unmanaged stress will affect you in the following ways:

    • Loss of business
    • Lack of productivity
    • Bad business habits
    • Dangerous decisions
    • Forced foolish business decisions
    • Lack of passion
    • Loss of focus
    • Alarming apathy
    • General neglect
    • Feeling of a downward spiral
    • Lack of control
    • Emotional mood swings
    • Feeling of worthlessness
    • Depression
    • Obesity - are you becoming overweight?
    • Loss of self-confidence

"C'mon, Jeff, I have a great job, I'm successful - sure I get stressed from time-to-time, but that's normal, right?"

All too normal these days, I'm afraid.

Don't think stress applies to you?

Here's the Acid Test

Think back ten years ago.  Think about where you planned to be and what you wanted from life.  Visualize your hopes and dreams you once had.

  • What were your plans?
  • What did you think you'd be doing by now?
  • What did you promise yourself?
  • How did others view you?
  • How did you envision you'd be spending your days? 
  • And how much money did you expect to be making by now?

Now, I want you to take a few seconds, and think about where you are right now.

What has happened to your hopes and dreams?  I'll bet they got put on the backburner and then slowly faded away, didn't they?

How Many Promises Have You Broken To Yourself?

If your current life is anywhere near what you wanted to be ten years ago I want you to stop reading this letter right now - because these tools aren't for you.

But, if you're like the other 98% of us, then READ ON - because I'm about to show you exactly how to recapture your dreams and yank your life back on track.

The Bottom Line - it's not your fault.  We humans simply weren't designed to deal with today's mega-paced whacked-out world we try to live in.

Stress Is Trying To Tell You Something - Will You Hear the Warning?

Stress is a signal - just like a siren - once it's switched on it keeps revving and revving until it reaches an unbearable SCREAM.  

And just like a siren - stress is a major warning!!!

Even if you have the best job in the world, every night you're still taking your stress home with you- because something has gone wrong!

And it's not just about you...  Stress Is An Assault On Everyone and Everything in Your Life!

Don't take my word for it - ask your children, your significant other, your family, your friends and co-workers. How much damage is your unmanaged stress inflicting on your loved-ones right now?

Look, you're no fool.  In fact, I'll bet you're pretty smart.

I could bog you down with stacks of medical journals and bombard you with countless downloads - all of which will all tell you exactly what you already know - that stress is eating you alive and taking its toll... but I'm trying to de-stress you, not slam you with information overload.

Let's aim straight to the heart of it:

You know something has to change - you know you have to invest in yourself and your career - you know you have to break this vicious cycle of stress or you wouldn't be here right now.

And all that stress just builds more stress.  It's a vicious cycle.

Unmanaged stress changes you into a runaway freight train, stuck on full throttle, that's running out of track, and fast!

It's Your Choice - You Can Open Your Eyes or
Open Your Wallet to Stress

If you've never thought about stress in dollars and cents before that's okay.  I hadn't either... until I got a rude wakeup call.  Now I'm going to open your eyes as well. 

"Hey, Jeff, wait a minute; isn't this just more of the same "self-help mumbo jumbo" so many so-called "gurus" are hyping all over the internet?"

Nope.  Not even close.


What I'm going to give you is a proven set of tools to turn your life around.  I'm not talking about this month's self help fad, or a collection of "time management tricks" or other exercises that eat up your time and yield little results - what I'm going show you is LIFE CHANGING! It's simple and effortless - AND it's as fast as SWITCHING ON A LIGHT SWITCH!!!

In a minute I'm going to tell you something so controversial and mind blowing that the moment you "get it" this one super-secret is going to change your life forever... but first I want to show you how stress creations the "vicious pyramid."

Stress Is the Ultimate Boogieman

Stress takes minor tasks and concerns and blows them up into big ugly scary unmanageable messes that haunt us day-in and day-out.  It doesn't stop until we're completely frazzled and paralyzed.  Sound familiar? Sure it does.  It's a fact - but it's not your fault.  

These same feelings are stopping you cold from all sorts of important actions:

  • Picking up the phone for crucial calls
  • Excelling in the marketplace
  • Finishing routine tasks
  • Returning your overdue emails
  • Catching up on your organizational work
  • Thinking strategically

These are the same feelings that cause little children to imagine monsters hiding under their beds. 

Stress causes Procrastination with a capital "P"

Why?  Because when you get right down to it, stress eventually morphs into fear, and then fear paralyzes us so we can't take action.

The Boogieman is still after you... only this time he's real

Remember when you were very little?  You pulled the covers over your head and wished the boogieman away until you fell asleep. 

Today we're all still wishing the Boogieman away.   You're letting little things pile up around you, until eventually everything is just too overwhelming to deal with.  You've now become paralyzed and unable to act. 

Even if you have the best job in the world and you think you're managing... deep down you know something isn't right.  Things should be better - life shouldn't be this hard - you feel it. You know it... but you don't have to accept it.

Imagine how successful you'd be if it was suddenly IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU TO FAIL and you HAD NO FEAR

Do you think your life would be different?  What would you do differently then? READ ON!

What I'm about to show you is so powerful that until now only business leaders and upper management seminar attendees who have invested major dollars have been allowed to learn this powerful breakthrough.

So what's this amazing super-secret that only the top 1% of all achievers knows?  Stress is good!

Stress is good?  What? Wait just a minute here, Jeff.  What the %$#*?

I know what you're thinking, "Hey, Jeff, Didn't you just get done telling me how BAD stress was for me, and how it's running my life?  Now you're telling me... Stress... is good?"

Let me explain:

Here's The Story: There are TWO KINDS OF STRESS, bad stress, which everyone already knows about and "Good Stress."

The Japanese actually have a word for bad stress, they call it "Karoshi" - that means "death from overwork." 

 Good stress is called "Eustress" and this is the million-dollar secret that only about 1 percent of upper success driven people know about.

Think of bad stress as "White Noise" blasting in from an un-tuned radio stationThe signal is loud.  It's annoying.  It doesn't make any sense.  It's painful.  And all you want to do is switch it off the second you hear it.  That's bad stress.

"Okay, Jeff, I'm with you there, but how is this stress good?"

Just by learning to tune the "stress dial" a little—suddenly that same "white noise" that was causing you so much anguish magically morphs into a wonderful piece of melodic soothing music harmonically synced to your life.  That's good stress.

Get the idea?  You have a built-in "radio tuner" for stress (we all do), and you can "tune" your stress any time.  You can go from "Static Stress" to "Beautiful Music" instantly.  It's completely your choice.

But stick with me here - It gets better - A lot better!

Here's the Breakthrough Discovery:  Not only can you "dial-in" your stress so it doesn't bother you anymore. Don't miss this - you can LEVERAGE YOUR STRESS as a powerful rocket fuel to get things done.

Did you catch that?  Are you with me?

Not only are you going to switch your bad stress off—you're going to be able to RE-CHANNEL that same stress into adrenalin and use it to race through your day like an Olympic Sprinter and tackle any task you want.

Take a look around your office. You'll notice there are just two types of people... people who manage by crisis and the people who manage well in a real crisis.

The Stress Factor takes you from managing by crisis to MANAGING ANY CRISIS.  

Imagine the extreme power that The Stress Factor is going to give you...

  • How these new powers will this help your career?
  • How quickly this pay for itself 20x over?
  • How this will transform your life and supercharge your career.
  • How this will allow you to instantly recoup your dreams.
  • How well you'll perform in crisis
  • You'll suddenly be the person who gets things done INSTANTLY.
  • How great you'll feel because you'll never procrastinate again.
  • How will this information convert into cold hard cash?

Think of the edge you'll suddenly have over everyone else.  Imagine everything you'll be able to accomplish that you ran from before!

Once you have this "Unfair Advantage," you'll have the same tools the top 1% of professionals have and are already using every day to stay miles ahead of their competition!

REMEMBER - you'll be able to access these magnificent powers as simply as FLIPPING a light switch.  It's that fast.

You're going to go from a stagnant paralyzed gnome to a supercharged overachiever who is admired by everyone, and it'll all happen in the blink of an eye. 

And the best part about this discovery? As you master these secrets you're going to feel good and you'll have fun.



   "I am a single Mom, working three jobs, but still felt the need to be everything to everybody, which is just unrealistic, and it was stressing me out! Thanks to Ron's help, I am able to plan and organize much better. I will be recommending this course to many, many people! Thanks, Ron, I am truly blessed that you came into my life!"

-Heather C, Ontario

   "I just want to say that I really appreciate you taking the time to see how things are going and offering me such great suggestions for reducing my stress. Not too many people in my life do that. Everyone is so busy these days, you know? Doing what, I have no idea! Everybody is running around stressing themselves out even more in my opinion."
-Melissa F., Alberta

   "ACQYR's skills series consist of clear and practical resources that tackle everyday work related stresses. Thought provoking facts and quotes, proven theory and interesting interviews are used to reinforce concepts that we can all use to make our work life more enjoyable."
-Christine Arsenault, Co-op Management Program Manager at the University of Toronto

    "Stress now comes as standard - there's no escaping it. But how much is useful? And how much is damaging? ACQYR Stress Relief is a useful primer that gives an overview of the different forms of stress and some actions you can take to reduce it."
-Michael Bungay Stanier, Box of Crayons, 2006 Canadian Coach of the Year

   "...I think this is some of the best stress advice I have ever received. Thank You!!"
-Natalie K., Pennsylvania

   "The products that ACQYR offers work. They provide simple yet effective solutions to manage everyday problems"..."Best of all, the material is easy and fun to read!"
-Sanjeev Patel BBA, CA, Toronto

Now you can slap the Boogieman and make him your own personal bodyguard!

I want you to get ready because a major change is coming.  And I'm not taking about a few "time management" tricks or some phone skill drills. This is Powerful.  This is real.  We're talking a life changing, revolutionary change. 

The "white noise" stress that's been bombarding you for so long is about to go bye-bye.

It's really that simple.

So let me ask you a question: Why are you sitting on the sidelines of your own life? 


When you get The Stress Factor the CHANGES in your life are going to be nothing short of amazing!

  • You'll sleep better (and spend less time sleeping)
  • You'll wake up feeling refreshed with a sharper mind, and well-rested body
  • No more waking up in the middle of the night with a cold sweat with you mind racing with worry
  • You'll be much more productive
  • You'll have much more free time for YOU because you'll handle all tasks efficiently and effortlessly
  • Everyone will notice you're suddenly a super-producer at work
  • You'll learn to "Flip the Switch" to handle stress like a pro and show the big boss your full potential!
  • You'll stop worrying and start earning
  • No more feeling uptight
  • You'll finally have enjoyable and relaxing weekends
  • You'll attract LOVE into your life - experience happier, more fruitful and meaningful relationships
  • No more fighting!
  • You're going to eat healthier - no more binge eating
  • You'll reduce health risks!
  • Your blood pressure will likely lower as your stress disappears
  • Your digestive and nervous systems will be significantly stronger
  • Your mind will be clearer and you'll have more energy
  • TOTAL RECALL - Your memory will improve as your stress disappears
  • No more "walking dead" syndrome - Never spend the day like a "Walking Zombie" ever again
  • The Stress Factor is design and layout makes it very easy to read and skim through at your own pace
  • 100% Rock Solid MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - No Questions Asked.

Hey, now you have the power to make a major improvement in your life right now and the best part is it's simple, effortless, and fun.

Don't forget - there is absolutely NO RISK - 100% Guaranteed

If The Stress Factor isn't everything I said it was you can return it any time, for any reason, and you'll get a 100% REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This Guarantee is Iron Clad and it is Etched in Stone.


But wait - there's more!  Order The Stress Factor today and I'll also give you the following bonuses ABSOLUTELY FREE

BONUS #1: DEEP RELAXATION (MP3) - A Journey Into Peace
- ($19 Value!)
Put on your headphones, lie on your back, and dive deep into a waking state of deep relaxation. During this 25-minute, guided practice, you'll learn to consciously let go of both the physical and mental stresses of your day.... and the best part is you don't have to do anything - just listen!

- ($19 Value!) Deep breathing is one of the most-effective ways to relieve stress quickly at home or at work. During this 20-minute, guided practice, you'll learn four powerful exercises that immediately slow the heart rate, focus the mind, and help you sleep deeply. No previous experience required.

BONUS #3: Stress Solutions Guide (PDF) - ($49 Value!) An official cheat sheet for life's most common stress triggers. You'll find 30 examples of the problems that are most likely to cause stress in your life -- with over one hundred solutions. No matter what the problem chances are the Solutions Guide has the solution. This is a "Miracle Guide" that you'll want to use every single day. This is the ultimate "Secret Fire Extinguisher" for people who spend their days putting out fires. Think of it as an Unfair Advantage!

BONUS #4: 52 Ways to Target Stress (PDF)
- ($39 Value) You'll discover 52 practical stress tips to help you manage all aspects of your life. "52 Ways" is a dynamic flash card system that reinforces the entire The Stress Factor program. It’s simple to use and it works! High ranking executives at Fortune 500 companies use this system to reduce their stress and become more productive without leaving their desks. Very Powerful!



No-Risk Acceptance Form

"Yes Jeff, Show Me How to Turn
My Life Around With The Stress Factor
in as Little as 24 hours!"


I understand I'll receive the full version of The Stress Factor ready for immediate action.


I'll get access to all bonuses including the Deep Relaxation and Deep Breathing MP3s as well as the bonus PDF downloads: The Stress Solutions Guide and 52 Ways to Target Your Stress.


AND I'll also get completely free The Stress Factor updates that will keep my copy of The Stress Factor on the "bleeding-edge" of personal stress management.

Digital Edition:
$37 $17

Get The Stress Factor Now!

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To Your Healthy Career,

Jeff Staniforth

Your Stress Success Coach

P.S. - Remember...you have my 100% Risk Free Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee - You can still keep the bonuses as my gift - If at any time during the 60-day guarantee, you decide The Stress Factor isn't right for you - I'll refund your money... no questions asked.  Act now and lock in your one time low introductory price - Get it before it's too late!

P.P.S. - Most people only dream about what they will do with their lives when they become rich and famous.  With The Stress Factor, you have a tool to make that dream a reality for you and your family.  Will you step up to the plate and swing, will you give this ball the swift kick it needs to score the ultimate goal... or will you leave it up to those braver souls that stand out and live to know the thrill of victory?

P.P.P.S. - Order now. It's easy and simple. Just click on the link below and you'll be taken to the 100% secure payment page. Once you're order has been received, you'll get instant access to the private area where you can download The Stress Factor and access your bonuses. 

P.P.P.P.S. - Some people scroll down here looking for the price, if that's what you want, it's right above on this page.  The real truth of the matter is that these tools pay for themselves over and over again... It's an absolutely priceless investment in comparison its price tag!

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