How the "International Stress Risk Score" Works

Stress affects all aspects of life: home, work, health, wellness, relationships, and even finances.

In analyzing 15 key stress warning signs, we can determine your stress risk score which is an indicator of your risk for extreme burnout, stress, and exhaustion.

Each question and answer was carefully crafted based on years of research and coaching experience to determine your personal threshold for stress. In doing so, we can analyze your results and offer advice on the precautions you can take to avoid future complications.

Each answer you provide can affect your score in multiple ways. Some answers may increase your risk of complications, others may have no affect on your risk score, while some answers may actually decrease your risk of complications due to stress.

The baseline average stress risk score range is 90-100. The higher your score above this average range, the greater your risk of severe complications due to stress. However, if your score is consistently below the range, it is a sign of discontent, boredom, and a lack of both motivation and passion in your life. This, naturally, leads to stress.

Ultimately, there is a fine balance of stress that is required in our lives. Our goal at the International Stress Management Institute, is to help you find this balance so you can begin enjoying a healthy life once again.


This is a preliminary diagnostic tool only and should not in any way substitute from professional medical advice, preferably from your personal physician.

The International Stress Management Institute provides resources and educational materials for stress-threatened individuals, and does not claim or attempt to treat, cure, or prevent any specific disease or illness.

For professional medical advice, please see your family doctor or health practitioner.

Please read our legal statement.


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